About Me

I was widowed in January 2011 after nearly thirteen blissful years of marriage to Skip Willis. As with so many of the good things in my life, this blog was inspired by Skip. He had such conviction about his place and purpose in the world. In losing him, I feel I have found mine: to use my grief for good. To help other widowed people feel less alone and more hopeful that will one day you will feel better and ultimately find peace, prosperity and new purpose in a new life for yourself.

This new passion has also transformed my professional life. Prior to my husband’s death, I had spent my career as a marketing executive in the wealth management industry. When Skip died, I found that dealing with the financial matters was one of the greatest sources of anxiety for me — despite the fact that I have an MBA, I had overseen our investments during the marriage and I have a high degree of financial confidence.

I began to wonder, ‘if this is how I am feeling, what must it be like for people without this expertise?”  I decided I needed to use my experience and connections to help others. So now I am privileged to serve as a ‘trail guide’ for widows. Backed by a team of wealth managers I help  widowed clients overcome their financial fears, get clear on their needs, decipher financial jargon and successfully navigate the process of working with the firm’s wealth advisors. You will see this passion reflected in some of my blog posts.

About This Blog

I chose the name Inspiring Widows because not only is it what I hope to do, but also who I will write about in this blog. Through my grief experience I have come into contact with some truly remarkable people. Widowed women and men who inspire me to keep going– and I hope you too.

Through this blog I share my learnings, observations and my personal experiences of grief. What has helped. What hasn’t. Always drawing on the knowledge of the experts in grief. I write stories of widowed people who inspire me on my grief journey. I also write about personal finance for widows because that is a passion of mine and an area of need for many who feel anxious and alone in making financial decisions. Hey, I write about the two things no one wants to talk about: death and money!

If your loss is fresh you may be thinking: “I can’t even get out of bed in the morning. I am such a long way from feeling inspired by anything or anyone!” I remember feeling that way myself.  But I also know that where ever you are is a starting point and I believe it is never too early to plant the seeds of hope.

My hope is that here you may find the seed of an idea…an inspiration… to offer you comfort and strength on your path to healing and wholeness. Please take away whatever you find useful and discard that which you don’t. Just know you are welcome. Make yourself comfortable and stay as long as you wish.  You’re among friends.

This blog is inspired by and dedicated to Skip Willis

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